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Survey Management

Integrations Example

Example Part 1

Create Questionnaire

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Send to Customer Panel

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Receive Reporting

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Target Audience

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Boost Web Shop

Customer Experience Management

Gain complete control

Manage exactly who can access your Brand platform, and which parts they have access to.


Panel Members

Panel members are able to access their profile.
E.g. it can be possible for panel members log in to Brand.



Employees can easily navigate different features, depending on the access you provide them.
You decide who will be given administrator rights.
When you sign up for Brand, you will automatically be given 10 users. Depending on your need, you are able to buy more users.



You can allow customers to access parts of your platform.
Here, you can choose which portals you wish to provide access to, and whom of your customers you want to be able to view the portals. You can easily have several customers connected to the same portal, but having them access different parts of the data.


Use All the Languages in the World

Brand handles all languages and character sets, both during data collection and reporting. This also applies to control of time zones, which ensures harmonization and synchronization of projects, feedback, alarms and reporting across national borders.

Full Control

You will not experience any
technical limitations while
working in Brand.
This will enable you to
customize your questionnaire
to fit your survey.

Flexible Settings

Experience unlimited
options in terms of question
properties, question types,
conditions, jumps, filters,
and language selection etc.


Invite respondents
through e-mail, SMS, QR,
pop-up and/or panel

No Limitations

Unlimited amount of
surveys pr. year. Unlimited
amount of respondents pr.
survey. Unlimited users
to function as admins.

Save Time and Resources

Create and reuse templates
such as customer satisfaction,
advertising and product tests
etc. Templates can be reused
in the project process from
data collection to reporting.

High Security

We can’t guarantee your
WiFi connection, but we
promise that any change
in your questionnaire will
be saved automatically.

Multi Language


Customize your communication.

Integration with CRM

Integration with CRM

Within Brand, CRM is directly integrated with you newsletter module which enables you to see which of your contacts that reads your newsletters, clicks on links and forwards them or does not open them.

Customize content

Customize content

  • Individual control of content (name, campaign, product recommendations etc.).
  • Target product recommendations based on customer behavior, purchase behavior and demographic information.
  • Content can also be based on interests. Read more about customer and member clubs here.
Intelligent solutions

Intelligent solutions

  • Track who opens your newsletters and clicks on links.
  • Register you customers automatically to your newsletters when they fill out a given formula.
  • Create more newsletter lists.
  • Create rules of quarantine to avoid unnecessary spam.
  • Create responsive newsletters. We help with the installation. Read more about our training and support.

Optimization and efficiency

Imagine being able to measure the efficiency of your company while simultaneously receiving great advice from your employees to improve the optimization. Brand will set-up the questionnaires and invite a group of employees of your choice.


Brand can set-up online courses, tests and evaluations of various aspects of an employee’s well-being (e.g. automatically offer a course to an employee who shows early signs of stress). You are able to schedule and automate this process.

Human Relations

Customer system (CRM)

CRM integration
  • Brand knows when satisfaction surveys are needed.
  • Satisfaction surveys are collected with Brand and reported together with many possibilities to draw reports and define these yourself. The data is also transferable to your CRM system, giving you the option to use the results here or in your financial system.


Newsletter integration
  • Let Brand control your newsletter registration.
  • Intelligent control of subject lists which ensures that your costumers only receive relevant newsletters and/or campaigns.

Internal integration to Brand

Intern integration
  • Integrate our web shop module to panel control. Read more about panel management.
  • Integrate data to our reporting. Read more about data collection and reporting in Brand.
  • Create automatic work flows that enable you to recruit respondents through telephone interviews and web interviews.
  • Integrate our HR solutions to your telephone interviews.

Customize Layout

Personligt layout

Panel management

Understand the market through the eyes of your customers with panels that gather the essential information.

Flexible Adjustments

Easy Panel Management

Automatic Actions

Web Shop

Attach a web shop to your panel or customer club.


Reuse templates from your own analysis library

Utilize three types of templates that make your questions easy to access. It has never been easier to create questionnaires.

Questions templates


A template is often comprised of specialized questions. However, it can be an advantage to create a question for your library, if you have questions you wish to reuse in your surveys.

Units templates


Here, you are able to keep sections of a questionnaire ready as a template to insert directly into another questionnaire. For example, if you wish to reuse the same background questions in every questionnaire, it is advantageous to file the questions as templates in your library.

Questionnaires templates


Save time and resources by creating entire questionnaires as templates. For example, if you have any surveys that does not significantly change, it can make sense to store them in your library, making them easily accessed.

Reports with real time updates

Brand offers four report types which will be adjusted for your specific project.



Create professional reporting portals with great flexibility.
Access management allow you to decide which data different users should see.


Table set

Use table sets to gain a quick overview of your data.
Select the variables you wish to examine, or use scripting to generate them automatically.



Brand allows you to edit your data after exporting it to PowerPoint.
It is a great tool for visual presentation.


Raw Data

Use Brand to provide raw data if you wish to process it yourself.
We can deliver raw data in Excel, SPSS, CSV etc.

Increase customer satisfaction and revenue

Monitor customer evaluation and expectation. he ability to see the world through the eyes of the customer is critical for your company’s success. However, it is more than just the supply of customer experiences.

The systematical enquiry into customer evaluation post interaction will enable you to identify the type of feedback in real time – and continually improve customer service. The results are more loyal customers that act as ambassadors who will give you positive recommendations.

Panel management

Timing is everything

Brand provides you with insight into your touch points, so you can become closer to your customers.


A customer has shopped in your
store and used a member card. Thus,
Brand automatically sends out a
questionnaire to the customer
concerning the experience in the
store. This will give you the
possibility to measure on several
parameters of the clients
experience such as level of service.


A customer has been to a
meeting at the bank. After
the meeting they will receive a
questionnaire, which will enable
you to gain insight into how
they have perceived the
financial consultant, the bank
and their overall experience.


A customer contacts a realtor
in regards to a possible sale.
Subsequently, Brand sends out a
questionnaire to the customer that
provides the realtor with the imme-
diate evaluation of the presentation.
This offers the possibility to correct
potential mistakes along with
retaining customers.

It’s Easy to Get Started with

You get your own unique site, which only you have access to, and where data is encrypted and protected by firewalls. We carry out regular backups of the site. We recommend that you complete the 4 introductory courses in order to understand the basic logic of Brand.

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18 Extended
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Wiki With Lots
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Access to a professional Call Center

Conduct interviews, customer service, sales, recruitment and much more.

Save time

Profit from Brand

You will not have to think
of telephone companies when
using our system to conduct
telephone interviews as you
are automatically connected
to Brand, thus gaining
advantage of our
quantity discount.

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